We make plant-based dairy staples you won’t want to live without.

Here’s what we care about:

  • Insanely delicious products
  • Pure, plant-based ingredients
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Connecting you through food


As good as it looks.

We’re here to empower you to live your best life. Plant based foods should taste as good as they make us feel. We firmly believe that. The words “healthy” and “craveable” belong in the same sentence! That’s why we set out to make dairy-free products that don’t compromise on exceptional taste. Because you deserve it all.

Less is more.

We truly believe simplicity is the ultimate sophistication – that’s why our key ingredients are whole plant foods, cultures, time, and not much else. Our minimalism means there’s no hiding – our inputs matter a lot! So we use nature as our guide, and never any lab-made ingredients or processes like HPP that compromise probiotics and nutrients. Your body and mind function best when you fill it with things that are pure and unprocessed. If you don’t understand it, your body can’t process it – it’s that simple!

The whole package. 

Embracing a clean lifestyle goes far beyond what we eat. We believe that taking care of our earth is just as important as caring for ourselves. Our fully recyclable glass packaging is meant to be saved – perfect for repurposing.

Do it for the culture.

We love sharing what we create with our community more than anything. We do what we do because of you. We value your voice and we embrace the diversity of all food-lovers. It brings us so much joy every time you bring us into your home, share us with a friend, gush over being able to have “cheese” again after years?! Or perhaps this is the first time you’ve tried a plant-based cheese, we are happy to be part of your journey. We are forever connected to you through food. You are always welcome at our table and in our conversation.


Monty’s comes from the nickname of our food-obsessed founder and chef.

Lauren Montgomery here, founder and chef. 

Monty’s is a culmination of my life and experiences. It is my way of sharing myself, my passion, and what makes me feel my best. Food is a powerful and personal form of energy and I am thrilled to be able to share mine with you.

My story starts in Long Beach, California – I grew up there, watching my family run a business, and knowing that someday, I wanted to run a business of my own – on my terms. Though my calling to create Monty’s would come later, my passion for plant-based food and mindful eating came early on. I became very in tune with how food made me feel and function, and wanted to make wellness in mind, body, and spirit my ultimate pursuit.

I moved to NYC to create something bigger than myself. I had many curiosities and I followed them all – music, art, psychology, and fashion. The desire to find “my thing” was always weighing on my mind. I went to business school and worked in the fashion industry, but for fun, I filled my free time with fermentation courses, fitness and trying every dairy-free cheese in New York.

I started living a holistic lifestyle, really focusing on everything that I consumed and used. Consistently eating plant-based and nutrient-dense foods brought a lot of clarity and healing. I discovered that I didn’t have to limit my passion – I could actually pursue this as my life’s work. I decided it was what I wanted to focus on every day.

Since then, I’ve evolved into a certified health coach and health supportive chef through Natural Gourmet Institute. I’ve worked in restaurants and on nut farms and discovered the profound joy of feeding people nutritious, from-the-earth food.

For years, I was testing out my own cashew cheese recipes on my friends and family (of all dietary preferences) at dinner parties and quickly realized that this was “my thing.” All I’ve ever wanted is to connect people. Food lovers. Fitness junkies. Health foodies. Cheese lovers. Family that has never even thought about trying non-dairy cheese. The best feeling in the world is sharing what I love about plant-based foods with the ones I love, and seeing them get it.

I always say, “Don’t tell people what to do or eat, show them how good you feel – and give them a taste!” My ultimate purpose is to create real, pure, life-giving food for everyone. While still allowing us to Live. It. Up. 



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