Lauren Montgomery

- Chef + Founder, Montys -

Lauren Montgomery aka “Monty” is a NYC based, health supportive chef with a particular affinity for raw foods and fermentation. Lauren lives a holistic, mostly plant-based lifestyle and her mission is to spread health and higher awareness ¬†through her cultured cashew “cheese” products, and to create a community of conscious consumers without making any sacrifices.

She is a certified health coach through the Integrative Institute of Nutrition and a health-supportive chef trained at the Natural Gourmet Institute and Blue Hill Stone Barns, where she completed her culinary externship. Lauren also holds her Bachelor of Science in Psychology and her Master of Science in Marketing from Fordham University, Graduate School of Business. In her previous career in fashion, Lauren learned the art of selecting seasonal assortments for Barneys and Balenciaga. Her long-standing passion for nutrition and wellness inspired her to pursue a different sort of “seasonal” selection, one with the whole body in mind. Although her love for fashion remains, her desire to align her personal and professional lifestyle was something incredibly important to her.

She believes that beauty begins from the inside out, through holistic healing and plant-based, nutrient-dense foods. In fueling the body with a nutritious, organic, whole foods diet, one can begin to crowd out unhealthful inputs common to our modern lifestyles, that are not serving the body, mind, or spirit. Lauren has an innate desire to bring optimal wellness to others and show them (allow them to experience for themselves, rather) wherever they may be on the spectrum of health, about the clarity it has brought her in all areas of life. Lauren firmly believes we all have the power to choose to live more fully, more mindfully and it all starts on your “cheese” plate.

Food is medicine. Food is life. Food is beauty.